Door Repair

Door Repair

Commercial / Industrial Door Repair

Industrial Door and Hardware is the leading most knowledgable service company around in today’s market. We have over 33 years experience in installing servicing and repairing all types of commercial and industrial doors. Whether the door is wood, hollow metal, glass, glass / aluminum or any other type of door we have installed them, serviced them, and repaired them many times before. Architectural Door and Hardware is the best company to call for your commercial and industrial door repairs.


Glass Door Repair

Industrial Door and Hardware can service and install your glass doors as well. We have many years of experience servicing glass doors. Do not let just any one touch your glass doors. They are very expensive and need to be serviced correctly.


Aluminum Door Repair

This is our specialty. From pivots, to hinges, to continuous hinges, we do it all. From panic bars to door closers whether surface mounted or concealed in the header or floor. We are the right company to call.


Emergency Door Repair

Industrial Door and Hardware can provide emergency, quick call out door service. Please inquire.